Our Other Services

Besides our main consulting and technology we also offer other services, which you can find more information about below here.

Broaden your Engagement Skills

Join us for a day of educational inspiration with international examples of Engaged Journalism which take user engagement into the next level. The examples on this day of continuing education often show new ways to create constructive dialogue, new sources of revenue, enhanced loyalty as well as building trust and enthusiasm among users and editorial staff.

Return on Engagement (ROE) Analysis

Ongoing engagement with your audience is critical to growth and relevance. But how are you doing in that process of building competitive advantage by engaging your audience? In this session, you’ll get a deep analysis of your strategy, combined with industry insight. Together with you, Hearken will provide return of engagement recommendations and develop a specific best practice for your editorial team.

Editorial Sprint

Grab your editorial team and join Hearken in a sprint towards an audience-first mindset. Hearken will facilitate 4 sessions with your editorial staff to design your engagement strategy and integrate into your existing workflow. Each session will provide theory, practical learnings and international examples, which will help to define your individual approach to Public-Powered Journalism and user engagement.

“We are so happy with the success of Hearken’s consulting and workshops. All of our participants expressed great satisfaction, both with the interaction and with the lively presentation by Hearken’s consultant.  

I’ve already recommended Hearken to more colleagues; Hearken’s methodologies represent how news organizations are obliged to change in the coming years.”

Per C. Magnus, Director of The Center for Investigative Journalism at the University of Bergen, Norway.