You’re Invited

We are systems change catalysts, spinning up new projects and ongoing initiatives when needed to advance a cause. We invite you to get involved in any of our ongoing initiatives! 

Election SOS

Election SOS offers free training for journalists, connecting them to best practices, resources and support around election coverage. 

ElectionSOS is managed by Hearken and is fiscally sponsored by the American Press Institute. 

The Citizens Agenda

A free guide for generating more responsive, inclusive & useful news coverage for voters, developed in collaboration with NYU Professor Jay Rosen and Trusting News

Community Deep Dives

Community Deep Dives is a new, free web-based workshop series at Hearken. We’re exploring the fascinating ways that communities are formed and sustained, and what we can all learn and apply from these case studies. We believe that understanding what makes communities thrive will help us all in our work – whether that’s as journalists, connectors, place-makers, thought leaders and beyond. Each month we bring you a top community-builder from around the world, and invite you to dive into understanding community dynamics together.

Engagement Innovation Summit

Where audience engagement enthusiasts and innovators across community-focused industries gather to explore how a culture of listening, service and trust-building can make us better at what we do.

Our inaugural Summit was in 2019, in Brooklyn New York. Due to COVID-19, our 2020 Summit has been postponed

Engagement Innovator’s Community

As a smart engagement professional, and all-around nice human, we’d like to invite you to explore a new way to share your expertise (whether it’s about newsletters, virtual events, bread-baking, or hair-braiding) and find support (whether *that’s* about setting metrics, managing a remote team, finding an anti-racist reading group, or puppy-training).

On our Engagement Community Switchboard you will find space to stay connected, troubleshoot the unusual challenges of this era, and care for one another.