Community Deep Dives

What does it take to build communities that scale impact and sustain your bottom line? 

Community Deep Dives is a free, virtual learning series at Hearken that explores the fascinating ways communities are formed and sustained, and what we can all learn and apply from these case studies. We believe that understanding what makes communities thrive will help us all in our work – no matter what your job title or sector. We’re working hard to bring you some of the top community-builders from around the world, and we invite you to dive into understanding community dynamics together.

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Deep Dive #2: Queen City Cooperative

This is the true story … of eight strangers … who decided to live in a house … work together … and have their lives intermingled during a pandemic … to find out what happens … when people stop being polite … and start getting real.

OK – so this isn’t The Real World, but it is truly real! Hear the deep lessons and practical tips learned from Hearken’s Meredith Turk. She’s been living in a community Cooperative in Denver for a few years and has applicable tips for stewarding successful community in the most intimate settings: home! 

Meredith gave this presentation to Hearken staff and is what inspired us to start offering these deep dives to the public. You don’t want to miss it!

Deep Dive #1: Dance Dance Party Party

A fun fact that not many know – Hearken’s co-founder Jennifer Brandel co-founded a womxn-only dance happening that spread around the world and continues to spawn new chapters. 

What did she learn about  creating the conditions for community? Jennifer shares her insights in our first Community Deep Dive here.