Hearken Staff

Hearken staff hail from a variety of sectors including journalism, higher education, NGO and corporate. 

We are a women-founded, women-owned and women-majority company. 



The Hearken Leadership Team

Chelsea Haring, CEO

Kavya Sukumar, VP of Product

Kaori Freda, Director of Operations

Tina Hart, Chief of Staff

Consulting & Success Teams

Jennifer Brandel, co-founder & SVP Global Partnerships

Stephanie Snyder, Senior Engagement Manager

Anna Mass, Senior Success Account Manager

Grace Alexander, Success Account Manager

Meredith Turk, Engagement Strategist

Growth Team

Summer Fields, Senior Engagement Manager & Growth Lead

Kate Richey, Engagement Manager

Product Engineering Team

Sam Withrow, Software Architect

Alison Jones, Full-Stack Developer

Jason Klug, Full-Stack Developer

Kieran Hanrahan, Engagement Strategist

Election SOS Team

Bridget Thoreson, Engagement Strategist & Election SOS Director

Yemile Bucay, Digital Producer Election SOS

Lucy Xing

Anthony Cave, Digital Producer Election SOS

Kamila Jambulatova, Marketing Coordinator

Hearken Europe Team

Morten Andersen, Executive Director, Hearken Europe

Christian Hougaard, CCO, Europe

Astrid Marie Renkwitz Bruun, Head of Customer Success, Europe

Hearken Support Team 

Lucy Xing

Yvonne Afable, Accounting

Lucy Xing

Ilya Zlatkin, Jen Wong, Legal

Lucy Xing

Carla Titus, CFO Support

Lucy Xing

Malii Watts Witten, Consultant

Hearken’s visual brand is thanks to the tremendous talents of:


  • Melissa Small – Hearken Logo
  • Nadine Nakanishi and Nick Butcher (Sonnenzimmer) – Website Banners

Hearken Inc. is governed by a board of directors.