Hearken Staff

Hearken staff hail from a variety of sectors including journalism, higher education, NGO and corporate. 

We are a women-founded, women-owned and women-majority company. 



Chelsea Haring, CEO

Kavya Sukumar, VP of Product

Kaori Freda, Director of Operations

Tina Hart, Chief of Staff

Jennifer Brandel, co-founder & SVP Global Partnerships

Mara Zepeda, co-founder & Senior Manager

Summer Fields, Engagement Manager & Growth Lead

Stephanie Snyder, Senior Engagement Manager

Bridget Thoreson, Engagement Strategist & Election SOS Director

Malii Watts Witten, Senior Strategist, Election SOS

Meredith Turk, Engagement Analyst & Election SOS Community Manager

John Ketchum, Track Producer, Election SOS

Sam Withrow, Software Architect

Alison Jones, Full-Stack Developer

Morten Ro, Engagement Strategist, Hearken Europe

Kieran Hanrahan, Engagement Strategist

Julia Haslanger, Account Manager

Kate Richey, Engagement Manager

Grace Alexander, Account Manager

Morten Andersen, Executive Director, Hearken Europe