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Help your community help each other

Hearken’s Community Management System, Switchboard, connects members of your community with one another so they can ask for help and offer opportunities in a safe, trusted environment.

Switchboard lets Broncos maintain and grow their affinity for SCU and the Bronco community. It keeps Santa Clara relevant to them no matter where they’re at in their life. Ultimately, everyone has something to ask or something to offer. That’s universal.

Megan Alderete, Director of Digital Engagement, Santa Clara University

“Prior to Switchboard, we always lacked an efficient way to connect our community members to one another for the purpose of asking for help and offering support. Switchboard has been the perfect solution because now our community members have access to everyone’s network.”

Craig Swinyard, Director of Alumni Relations, University of Portland

Help Constituents Help Each Other

Your community members love your organization, but they don’t have an easy way to connect with each other. 

Switchboard gives them a place to make connections and ask for and share advice and opportunities.

They already share a common sense of purpose. All they need is a way to exercise it.

Understand Your Community

We help organizations engage the unengaged and surface the most active members of their community.

You want a platform with a proven return on investment. Switchboard captures every interaction, every success, and reports it all to you and your team automatically each week. It tracks growth and user activity for you so you can spend less time mucking around in spreadsheets and more time impressing your team.

Where are your community members most active? What are they interested in? What do they care most about? Switchboard keeps the pulse of your community so you can engage them more efficiently and more effectively.

Engage Constituents for the Long Term

You probably already help members of your community find what they need—here and there.

Switchboard makes it efficient to offer that service to everyone by helping them help each other.

Every answer they find  is another reason for them to love the organization.

Client Testimonials – Hearken’s Community Management System

Case Study: Open Signal  

Open Signal, Portland, Ore.’s largest community media nonprofit, signed up hundreds of users and made 1,000 connections in their first year by activating members of their community.

Learn how they cultivated a vibrant Switchboard and how it’s creating meaningful engagement opportunities. 

“Switchboard has allowed us to engage alumni good will quickly, and effectively, without having to increase the workload on staff or
try to squeeze any other programming into our schedule.
Additionally, Switchboard is helping us measure this engagement by tracking comments and recording stories.

Occidental University

I must admit, this is the best overall team I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with in almost 30 years at Seattle Pacific University.

Jacqui Smith-Bates, Dean of Career and Learning Support, Seattle Pacific University

“The Switchboard team demonstrated a true understanding of the disconnect between some alumni platforms and what alumni actually need. Switchboard’s flexibility, great customer support, and administrator tools make it easy as possible to sign up, get started, and see results right away.

The American School in London

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